Why banks refuse loans and how to avoid it


To get a loan, you do not always need a large package of documents that will prove your solvency. Many banks and microfinance organizations are ready to lend with minimal requirements for the borrower. We tell you how to get a loan without refusal, where to do it and for what reasons it may not be given.

Reasons for rejection and how to avoid them

Bad credit history

If the borrower “sinned” with delays or completely stopped paying on the loan, any bank begins to act more carefully: it either refuses or approves the application, but with more stringent conditions.

In order not to lose your reputation and maintain a positive credit history, correlate your income with the monthly payment on the loan. If you see that you will not be able to pay it regularly, it is better to refuse such a debt and borrow money from friends or relatives.

Age and work experience

Some banks refuse to lend to too young (under 21–23 years old) or older (over 70 years old) clients. The reason is the financial instability of citizens in these categories.

Young people are mobile, easily change jobs, and retirees are not well off enough to carry a stable debt burden.

No official job

This is one of the main criteria. Official work 100% confirms the solvency and financial stability of the borrower.

The status of an individual entrepreneur or employment in an individual entrepreneur is not so convincing. There is a high risk of dismissal or non-payment of a loan due to lack of income.

Other loans and debts

A bank or MFI will refuse if they consider the client’s debt burden too high. The organization wants to be sure that the money with interest will be returned on time without additional measures.

Therefore, close payments on other loans on time, plan their repayment so that they do not overlap. You also need to keep track of housing and communal services debts or traffic police fines – they can also cause a refusal.

Non-Russian citizenship

Lending to citizens of the Russian Federation for Russian creditors is more reliable from a legal point of view. If there are problems, the company has more tools to collect. However, you can still take a loan without being a Russian citizen if you agree to more stringent conditions.

criminal record

Banks and MFIs consider convicted people to be unreliable. But this is not the key factor. When everything is in order with the rest of the solvency criteria, the application will most likely be approved.


If the biography reflects alcohol or drug addiction, the bank doubts the reliability of the borrower. This is an important, but not critical factor: with a good credit history, a permanent job and property, it is quite possible to get a loan.

Which bank to take a loan

1. Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff is the bank with the best rating on reviews on consumer loans at banki.ru.

It issues cash loans, car loans, loans secured by a car or an apartment, and refinances. Rates – from 8-12%. Terms – from 3 to 15 years.

To apply for a loan up to 2,000,000 rubles, you only need a passport. Requirements: official work, average monthly income from 15,000 rubles, permanent registration in the Russian Federation, age 18–70 years. You don’t need to verify your income. The term of consideration is 1 day.

2. Sovcombank

This bank gives cash loans and loans secured by cars or real estate. Rates – from 9.90 to 18.90%. Terms – up to 5-10 years. He also has special rates for working and non-working pensioners.

Documents for registration: passport and one of the documents to choose from – TIN, SNILS, OMS / VHI policy, driver’s license, military ID, passport, pension certificate.

Requirements: work experience of 4 months at the current job, age 20–85 years, permanent registration in Russia, residence no further than 70 km from a bank branch, a stationary work or home phone.

3. Alfa-Bank

A popular bank with one of the lowest rates – 8.8%. Provides cash loans for a period of 1-5 years. The amount is from 50,000 to 3,000,000 rubles. The rate depends on the size of the loan:

  • Up to 250,000 – 12.99%
  • Up to 700,000 – 10.99%
  • Up to 1,300,000 – 9.9%
  • Up to 1,700,000 – 8.8%
  • From 1 700 001 – 7.7%

For registration you need a passport and two additional documents. Requirements: time at the current place of work from 3 months, age 21+, regular income from 10,000 rubles, which must be confirmed.

Instead of loans up to 100,000 rubles, the bank offers a credit card with a limit of 50,000 rubles and a 100-day interest-free period.

4. UniCredit Bank

UniCredit Bank is part of the European UniCredit group, so it is one of the most stable banks in Russia. It has a low rate on consumer loans up to 200,000 rubles – 8.9%. But this is only for those who receive a salary on a bank card.

The standard consumer credit rate is 11.90%. The amount is from 60 thousand to 5 million rubles. Term – from 2 to 7 years. The contract includes an insurance rate of 0.20-0.30%.

For registration, you need a passport, a questionnaire, a work book, an additional document to choose from: SNILS, TIN, compulsory medical insurance, military ID, vehicle registration certificate. The evaluation period is 1 day.

Requirements: employment and permanent registration in the city / region of issuing a loan, minimum income – 20-30 thousand rubles, experience in the current job from 3 months, total – from 1 year.

5.Home Credit Bank

“Home Credit” issues cash loans for construction and repair, the purchase of a car, and separately for the “any purpose” category. There are special rates for pensioners and refinancing.

The bet on “any goals” is 7.5%. The term is from 12 to 60 months. The amount is from 10 thousand to 1 million. Only a passport is needed for registration. The application is considered 1 day.

Requirements: citizenship and permanent registration in Russia, work experience of at least 3 months, age 18–70, good credit history. You also need proof of income.

In which MFI to take a loan

Microfinance organizations (MFIs) serve a different audience than banks. They make small loans at high interest rates, usually requiring only a passport.

Having studied the reviews of experienced users from the Banki.ru forum, we have chosen 5 reliable MFIs. They offer a low rate, are ready to renew loans on adequate terms and do not terrorize in case of delays.

1. “SMS Finance”

In “SMS Finance” the first 7 days on the loan do not accrue interest. For a period of 8–21 days – 1.0% per day. The MFI sends money to a card, bank account, Yandex.Money, QIWI, transfers via Contact.

Accepts payment by the same methods plus cash through terminals and via Internet banking. Regularly holds promotions: reduced interest, drawings of money.

2. Platiza

Here you can take a loan for a period of 5-30 days at 1.0% per day. Platiza transfers money to a card, current account, through Contact. Accepts payment via cards, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Euroset stores. Once a week, repays 2 random loans under the Lucky Loan promotion.

3. “eCabbage”

First loan without interest. But without a credit history for a client in this MFI, eKapusta gives no more than 3,000–5,000 rubles. The second loan for 7-21 days – at a rate of 0.99% per day.

Transfers money to a card, bank account, QIWI, Yandex.Money, via Contact. You can return the loan in the same ways. There is an affiliate program – a bonus of up to 500 rubles for inviting a friend.

4. Green Money

Loan for 3-30 days – 1% rate. To receive money, you need to attach a bank card and fill out a questionnaire. You can pay by card payment, through the terminal, by bank transfer. The service promises round-the-clock work without days off – a loan can be issued even on the morning of January 1.

5.Money Man

MoneyMan offers loans for up to 18 weeks with payments every 2 weeks. The first loan is without interest, but not more than 15,000 rubles for 5–15 days. Regular loan for 5-30 days – 1%.

Sends money to a card, account or via Contact. You can pay from the card, MTS number, via QIWI or terminal.

How to get a loan without documents and checks

get a loan without checks

It is impossible to get a loan without documents and checks at all – at least you need a passport. The following options are available with it:

Apply to a microfinance organization. Almost all MFIs give loans on a passport. For the first time, it is difficult to get more than 5,000–10,000 rubles, but by regularly repaying loans, you can increase the limit to 30–50 thousand.

Borrow from an individual. You can set conditions and a return schedule that banks or MFIs will not accept. The main thing – register correctly.

Get a loan from a bank that issued a salary card. Usually these loans are disbursed quickly because the bank knows how much you get each month and how you spend the money. You can find out about this option yourself in the support service of your bank.

Use a credit card instead of a personal loan. With cards, most banks allow you to withdraw cash or pay the necessary expenses with an interest-free period. This means that you can use the money for free – not pay interest on the loan for a while.

For example, Alfa-Bank has a condition of 100 days without interest. If you issue a small limit on the card, you can have time to return the money for this period and not pay interest on top.

Useful Services

When looking for a loan or a loan, do your research: check the rates of banks and MFIs, learn about promotions, read the latest reviews. View this information and you can compare conditions on Sravni.ru. The list of offers is sorted by amount, terms, rate, there are filters for specific purposes.

Apply for loans to citizens of the CIS can be through these organizations. They help to take a loan to foreigners on the territory of the Russian Federation. The site has filters for the amount and term of the loan, payment methods, document requirements. It is possible to choose offers where credit history is not checked or official employment is not necessary.

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