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A robot advisor helps a beginner find investment instruments on the stock exchange to buy. He combines them in the right proportions, depending on the desire of the investor to take risks, and then he can suggest how to manage the portfolio: which securities to buy and which to sell.

Automatic advisers are developed by banks and brokerage companies. They are suitable for those who do not want to understand the intricacies when choosing securities. To determine the investment profile, it is enough to fill out a questionnaire by answering a few questions.

1. Robot Right

Right selects securities based on the financial performance of companies. He studies the state of their business from a fundamental point of view, and then predicts how much the stock can rise in price. This approach is used by many well-known investors: George Soros, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch.

The robot takes data from the analytical service Conomy, which is used by about 6 thousand experienced investors, and all exchange transactions go through the Finam broker. It ranks seventh in terms of the number of registered clients among Russian brokerage companies.

Right builds an investment portfolio of stocks and bonds. To do this, you need to indicate in the questionnaire the amount of the first investment, the level of risk and tell about the investment experience. Based on the answers, the robot will offer a balanced portfolio. Further, he will monitor the forecasts for securities and make recommendations.

2. Robot advisor from Tinkoff Investments

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Free robot for all Tinkoff clients. Available to those who have opened a brokerage account with Tinkoff Investments. The service helps to correctly distribute investments among several companies from different industries.

First you need to define a risk profile, which will help the adviser to know the type of your risk: conservative, moderate or aggressive. He will take this data into account when selecting assets, that is, he will not offer stocks with high price volatility to a cautious investor, such as Tesla.

Then you need to select the portfolio currency, indicate how much you are willing to invest, and other options that the robot will focus on. For example, companies with constant dividends or stocks with high potential. Options can be combined with each other, that is, you can select several options.

3. Robot advisor from VTB

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This automatic adviser will select assets for your goals, and then will send management recommendations. VTB reports that the average potential profit of a portfolio managed by a robot is 14% per year.

The adviser’s algorithm contains 17 investment strategies, on the basis of which it selects assets for each client. The strategies themselves and the proportions of assets initially made up the best managers of VTB.

First, the robot determines the investment profile in order to understand the willingness to take risks. To do this, fill out a questionnaire of 13 questions. Tell us if you have savings, if you have experience in the stock market, if you will withdraw money ahead of time. Then state your investment goal: a major purchase, an increase in your pension, a financial airbag. After the adviser will offer from 4 to 6 strategies that are best suited to your tasks.

4. Yammi from Yandex

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  • Minimum replenishment amount: 5000 rubles at the start. Further 2000 rubles per month.
  • Commission: 1.5% per year of the value of assets, but not less than 3.25 rubles per day. Including all transactions for the year, holding and selling securities at closing.
  • Try Yammy.

Yammi helps build an investment portfolio and then manages it based on a mathematical model developed by two economists, Harry Markowitz and William Sharp. The model brought the authors Nobel Prizes. It simultaneously increases profitability and reduces risks, but at the same time takes into account the characteristics of the investor.

First, the service offers to take a test of 12 questions on the attitude to risk. After that, determine the amount of initial investments, the amount of monthly replenishment of the portfolio and the period for which you want to invest.

The investment robot Yammi does not form portfolios from stocks and bonds, but from ETF funds that are managed by FinEx.

ETFs are special sets of securities that replicate the dynamics of the market of a country or a particular economic industry. There are many different companies within an ETF. For example, in ETF of shares of Russian companies have papers Lukoil, Gazprom, Sberbank, VTB, Severstal and etc.

5. Financial Autopilot by FinEx

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Another service that offers ETF portfolios from FinEx. Based on the same model as Yammi. Before the start, you need to go through risk testing, and then determine your financial goal, investment period and the amount of the initial investment.

In total, Financial Autopilot has 14 ETFs that cover up to 80% of the entire global stock market. In addition, the service uses bond and gold funds. Combining these three asset classes with each other, he selects the right proportions for investors with different risk tolerance.

Once a quarter, the autopilot suggests rebalancing the portfolio to maintain the desired ratio of stocks and bonds or the share of gold.

6. SmartInvest from Rosbank

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  • Minimum replenishment amount: 100,000 rubles. Further 2000 rubles per month.
  • Commission: 1.9% of the value of assets with a portfolio term of 1 to 3 years. Over 3 years – 1.3% per year of the value of assets.
  • Try SmartInvest.

Rosbank also took advantage of technology from FinEx and collects ETF portfolios for investors thanks to a model from Nobel laureates Markowitz and Sharpe.

In fact, all three services – Yammi, Financial Autopilot and SmartInvest use the same approach. The differences are in the commission and the amount of the minimum deposit.

7. Financial assistant from Alfa Capital

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Alfa Capital is a management company that is part of Alfa Group. It compiles and manages mutual funds – mutual funds.

A mutual fund is an investment instrument where investors’ money is pooled, and professional analysts distribute it among different assets and monitor the state of selected securities.

Examples of mutual funds from Alfa Capital:

  • Mutual Fund “Resursy”: as part of the shares of Russian oil and gas and metallurgical companies.
  • Mutual Investment Fund “Tekhnologii”: consists of foreign shares of telecommunications, biopharmaceutical and IT companies.
  • Mutual Fund “Balance”: this includes shares of the largest Russian companies, bonds and cash.

By its principle, a mutual fund is similar to an ETF, but it is not traded on the stock exchange and does not duplicate the dynamics of the economy. The management company always strives to show profitability above the market, and therefore actively manages the mutual fund. The ETF simply replicates the market returns.

Mutual funds can also be combined with each other in different proportions. This is exactly what the robot advisor from Alfa Capital does. After the investor answers six questions about financial goals, the robot will offer a balanced portfolio of several mutual funds.

Which robot advisor to choose

The best offers are Right and a robot from VTB. They not only select financial instruments, but also help to monitor them and manage proportions correctly.

Right is distinguished by a fundamental approach when choosing securities, because it analyzes the financial results of companies. And if the portfolio starts to fall sharply in price, Right specialists will intervene and manually evaluate the assets.

The robot from Tinkoff only selects securities, but does not send management tips. At the same time, Tinkoff has the lowest entry threshold, unlike other services, which can be a plus for many beginners who want to try investing in the stock market.

The rest of the services are suitable for those who are ready to invest in ETFs. If you do not plan to invest in stocks and bonds separately, then choose between Yammi, Financial Autopilot and SmartInvest.

An alternative option is a robot from Alfa Capital. He uses only mutual funds of his management company and does not send recommendations.

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