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Sergio Lins Andrade Net Worth

Sergio Lins Andrade Net Worth: A Closer Look at the Brazilian Businessman and His Family’s Wealth

We are here to provide you with detailed insights into the net worth of Sergio Lins Andrade and his family. Sergio Lins Andrade is a prominent Brazilian businessman who, together with his family, boasts a net worth of $1.6 billion. As one of the newest additions to the list of the world’s richest individuals, Sergio Lins Andrade holds the position of board chairman at Andrade Gutierrez, a Brazilian privately-held multinational conglomerate primarily involved in the construction industry. He also owns more than 33% of the company, which recorded impressive revenues of $8 billion (R$16.8 billion) in 2012.

A Legacy Built by Andrade and Gutierrez

Andrade Gutierrez was established back in 1948 by three visionary engineers: Flavio Gutierrez, Gabriel Andrade, and Roberto Andrade, who happens to be Sergio Lins Andrade’s father. Over the years, the torch was passed on to the Andrade and Gutierrez families, who not only successfully expanded the company but also played a key role in its evolution. Today, Andrade Gutierrez is a leading force in the industry, shaped by the determination and expertise of these incredible entrepreneurs.

Diversification and Growth

The privatization of Brazil’s infrastructure sectors in the 1990s presented a golden opportunity for Andrade Gutierrez to diversify its portfolio. The company seized the chance to enter public infrastructure concessions and telecommunications, further strengthening its position in the market. Sergio Lins Andrade, as the board chairman, has been actively involved in driving the growth of Andrade Gutierrez, contributing to its undeniable success as a powerhouse in the construction industry.

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Personal Life and Interests

Sergio Lins Andrade’s passion for adventure goes beyond the business realm. He is an avid fan of piloting gliders and exploring the wonders of the underwater world through scuba diving. This businessman with a taste for adventure is married to Adriana Barreto, a renowned Brazilian painter and sculptor. Their shared interests and shared love for artistic expression add a touch of creativity to Sergio’s life outside of the boardroom.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sergio Lins Andrade and his family possess a remarkable net worth of $1.6 billion, earned through their involvement in the success of Andrade Gutierrez. With Sergio at the helm as the board chairman, the company has seen significant expansion and has become a key player in the construction industry. Sergio’s passion for adventure and his partnership with Adriana Barreto show that there is more to this businessman than meets the eye. Their contributions to the worlds of art and business reflect a well-rounded and successful life.


1. How did Sergio Lins Andrade accumulate his wealth?

Sergio Lins Andrade accumulated his wealth through his involvement in Andrade Gutierrez, a leading multinational conglomerate in the construction industry. As the board chairman, he played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success, resulting in a significant net worth for him and his family.

2. Is Sergio Lins Andrade involved in any other business ventures?

Currently, Sergio Lins Andrade’s focus is primarily on Andrade Gutierrez. However, his entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen may lead him to explore other ventures in the future.

3. What are Sergio Lins Andrade’s interests outside of business?

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When not immersed in the world of business, Sergio Lins Andrade indulges in his passion for adventure. He enjoys piloting gliders and exploring the underwater world through scuba diving. Additionally, he shares a love for art with his wife, Adriana Barreto, who is a distinguished painter and sculptor.

4. How accurate are the net worth figures?

All net worth figures provided are calculated using data from public sources. We strive to ensure their accuracy by incorporating private tips and feedback received from the celebrities or their representatives. However, unless otherwise indicated, the figures are estimates and subject to correction.

5. How can I provide feedback or corrections?

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