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Rosanna Arquette Net Worth

Summary: Rosanna Arquette Net Worth

In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Rosanna Arquette, an American actress. Rosanna Arquette has a net worth of $20 million, but it is important to note that she also has significant marital wealth from her marriage to investment banker Todd Morgan. Todd filed for divorce from Rosanna in 2022.

Early Life

Rosanna Lisa Arquette was born on August 10th, 1959 in New York City. She comes from a highly artistic Jewish family, with her mother being an actress, poet, and therapist, and her father being the well-known actor and producer Lewis Arquette. Rosanna’s siblings, including Patricia Arquette, Alexis Arquette, and David Arquette, are also performers. Her family is also distantly related to the explorer Meriwether Lewis.


After starting with minor roles in films like “More American Graffiti” and “S.O.B,” Rosanna Arquette gained recognition for her role in “The Executioner’s Song” in 1982. This role earned her an Emmy Award nomination. She continued to achieve success in the 80s with films like “Desperately Seeking Susan,” for which she won a BAFTA Award. In the 90s, she appeared in films such as “Pulp Fiction” and “Crash.” Arquette also had notable roles in television series like “What About Brian” during the 2000s.


In 2017, Rosanna Arquette spoke out about her experience of being sexually harassed by producer Harvey Weinstein. She claimed that she was threatened and paid less for her role in “Pulp Fiction” as a result of refusing Weinstein’s advances. Arquette was one of the first big names to openly discuss her experiences with Weinstein when his patterns of harassment were exposed. She also faced trolling and harassment on social media after expressing her feelings about white privilege.

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Personal Life

Rosanna Arquette has been in relationships with notable figures such as Steve Porcaro, the keyboardist of the band Toto, and Peter Gabriel. She has been married multiple times, including to film composer James Newton Howard and investment banker Todd Morgan. In 2022, Todd filed for divorce from Rosanna.

Real Estate

In 2014, Rosanna Arquette and Todd Morgan purchased a 1.5-acre compound in LA’s Pacific Palisades neighborhood for $15.7 million. The property includes a 14,000-square-foot house with various luxurious features such as Portuguese limestone floors, a wine cellar, and a lap pool. They previously lived in Morgan’s condo near Beverly Hills, which they sold for $7.7 million.

In 2013, before their marriage, the couple bought an ocean-view home in Malibu for $6.5 million. This property features four bedrooms, a guest suite, French doors, and an ocean-facing deck. They listed the home for sale in 2020 for $7.85 million.


Rosanna Arquette has had a successful career as an actress, earning critical acclaim and awards for her performances. Her net worth is estimated at $20 million, and she has also accumulated significant marital wealth. Arquette has been involved in controversies, such as speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, and has experienced personal challenges in her relationships. Nevertheless, she remains a respected figure in the entertainment industry.


Q: What is Rosanna Arquette’s net worth?

A: Rosanna Arquette’s net worth is $20 million.

Q: Who is Rosanna Arquette?

A: Rosanna Arquette is an American actress known for her roles in films like “Desperately Seeking Susan” and “Pulp Fiction.”

Q: Has Rosanna Arquette been married?

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A: Yes, Rosanna Arquette has been married multiple times. Her most recent marriage was to investment banker Todd Morgan, but they filed for divorce in 2022.

Final Thought

Rosanna Arquette has had a diverse and successful career in the entertainment industry. From her early roles in the 80s to her appearances in iconic films like “Pulp Fiction,” she has captured audience’s attention with her talent and versatility. Despite facing personal challenges and controversies, Arquette’s net worth and achievements speak to her impact in the industry.

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