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Paul Auster Net Worth

Paul Auster Net Worth

Paul Auster is an American author and director with an estimated net worth of $20 million. He was born in Newark, New Jersey in February 1947. Auster graduated from Columbia University before moving to Paris, France to translate French literature.

Early Life and Career

During his early years, Auster published his first fiction novel, “Squeeze Play,” in 1982 under the pseudonym Paul Benjamin. This marked the beginning of his successful career in writing. He continued to publish numerous novels including the critically acclaimed “The New York Trilogy.” In addition to his fiction works, Auster has also written poetry books, screenplays, essays, memoirs, and autobiographical material. His versatility as a writer is evident in the diverse genres he explores, such as crime fiction, existentialism, absurdism, and the search for personal meaning and identity.

Notable Works

Some of Auster’s notable works include “Moon Palace” (1989), “The Music of Chance” (1990), “The Book of Illusions” (2002), and “The Brooklyn Follies” (2005). These novels have gained recognition both in the literary world and among readers.

Awards and Achievements

Auster’s contributions to literature have been acknowledged through various awards and achievements. He has received several IMPAC Awards and an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay for his work on the film “Smoke.” Additionally, Auster was nominated for a Cesar Award for Best Foreign Film in 1996.


Paul Auster’s net worth of $20 million reflects his successful career as an author and director. His works have received critical acclaim and have resonated with readers around the world. Auster’s ability to explore different genres and delve into the complexities of personal identity sets him apart as a unique and talented writer.

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Q: How did Paul Auster start his writing career?

A: Paul Auster began his writing career with the publication of his first novel, “Squeeze Play,” in 1982.

Q: What are some of Paul Auster’s notable works?

A: Some of Paul Auster’s notable works include “Moon Palace,” “The Music of Chance,” “The Book of Illusions,” and “The Brooklyn Follies.”

Q: Has Paul Auster received any awards?

A: Yes, Paul Auster has received several awards, including IMPAC Awards and an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay.

Final Thought

Paul Auster’s net worth of $20 million is a testament to his talent and success as an author and director. His unique style and exploration of various genres have captivated readers and earned him numerous accolades. As a prolific writer, Auster continues to inspire and engage audiences with his thought-provoking works.

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