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Natalie Appleton Net Worth

What is Natalie Appleton’s Net Worth?

Natalie Appleton’s Early Life and Career

Natalie Appleton, a Canadian pop singer and actress, was born in May 1973 in England. She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London where she honed her skills. Alongside her younger sister Nicole, Natalie became a member of the popular band All Saints. Formed in 1993 and later reformed as a quartet in 1995, All Saints achieved great success in the music industry. With nine top 10 singles, including five #1 singles, and selling over 12 million records worldwide, the group made a significant impact on the music scene. All Saints also released three albums and won multiple awards such as two BRIT Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and an Ivor Novello Award.

Appleton and All Saints Hiatus

From 2002 to 2005, All Saints went on hiatus, during which time Natalie and Nicole formed the duo Appleton. In 2003, they released their debut album “Everything’s Eventual.” Additionally, in 2004, Natalie appeared on the reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”. She showcased her skills as an actress by starring in the 2000 movie “Honest” and making an appearance on the TV series “PJ’s Storytime” in 2004.

Personal Life and Achievements

Natalie Appleton married Liam Howlett from The Prodigy in 2002. Besides being a successful musician and actress, she is also a proud mother. Natalie has a child with Liam Howlett, as well as a child from her previous marriage to Carl Robinson.

Natalie Appleton’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Natalie Appleton has an estimated net worth of $15 million. It is worth mentioning that all net worth calculations are based on publicly available information and, when provided, incorporate feedback from the celebrities or their representatives. While the numbers are as accurate as possible, they are still estimates and subject to correction and feedback.

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Natalie Appleton’s journey in the music and entertainment industry has been impressive. From her early days in All Saints to her solo endeavors as part of Appleton, she has left an indelible mark. With her net worth of $15 million, it is clear that Natalie Appleton has achieved success and financial stability throughout her career. Her talent and dedication continue to make her a prominent figure in the industry.


1. What is Natalie Appleton’s net worth?

Natalie Appleton has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

2. What awards has Natalie Appleton won?

Natalie Appleton, as part of the group All Saints, has won two BRIT Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, and an Ivor Novello Award.

3. What other projects has Natalie Appleton been involved in?

In addition to her music career, Natalie Appleton has appeared in the movie “Honest” and the TV series “PJ’s Storytime.” She also competed on the reality TV show “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”.

Final Thought

Natalie Appleton’s net worth of $15 million is a testament to her incredible talent and hard work. Her success in the music industry, both as part of All Saints and as a member of the duo Appleton, has undoubtedly contributed to her financial stability. As she continues to showcase her skills and pursue new opportunities, Natalie Appleton remains a respected figure in the entertainment world.

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