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Michael Ballard Net Worth

What is Michael Ballard’s net worth?

Michael Ballard is an American bar owner and motorcyclist who has a net worth of $10 million. We, at [Your Website Name], provide you with comprehensive information about Michael Ballard’s net worth and his remarkable career. Michael Ballard is widely recognized as the owner of the Full Throttle Saloon, which is acclaimed as the “world’s largest biker bar.” The success of his bar has gained immense popularity through a reality TV series named “Full Throttle Saloon,” aired for six seasons mainly on truTV.

Early Life

Michael Ballard was born in 1965 in Trimble, Tennessee. Growing up in Trimble, Michael was known for his rebellious nature. The local police even nicknamed him “Little Al Capone” due to his mischief. From a young age, Ballard developed a passion for bars and liquor. As early as 12 years old, he sneaked into the Silver Dollar Cafe, the town’s biggest bar, through the back door.

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Full Throttle Saloon

Despite his rebellious nature, Ballard gradually settled down and started his professional career in the cellular phone business. However, everything changed when he took a trip to Sturgis, South Dakota, in the late 90s. Captivated by the spirit of Sturgis, Ballard made the life-changing decision to sell his company, Cellular Plus.

With the proceeds from the sale, Ballard purchased 30 acres of land in Sturgis. He embarked on a grand project to build an expansive indoor/outdoor bar and recreation facility, which he named Full Throttle Saloon. The establishment boasts numerous restaurants, a tattoo parlor, stores, two stages for performances, a wrestling ring, a zip line course, a burn-out pit, 200 cabins, and ample parking space for visitors.

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Operating from March to mid-November, Full Throttle Saloon reaches its peak during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in August, attracting up to 20,000 people per night. The bar even goes through as many as two tractor trailers worth of beer every evening during the rally. To ensure smooth delivery of supplies, all vendors schedule their deliveries between 3 am and sunrise, as the road becomes congested with bikers during the day.

Full Throttle Saloon has gained renown as the largest biker bar in the world, catering to individuals of all ages, styles, and backgrounds. Whether they are regular blue-collar workers or avid bikers, anyone of age is welcome at the bar. For Michael Ballard, the primary goal was to sustain the business and keep the massive bar afloat. Managing a multi-use facility like Full Throttle Saloon is undoubtedly demanding and expensive. Moreover, the bar’s viability is limited to 7-9 months a year, making it crucial to generate significant revenue during the peak season of July and August.

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Reality Show

In 2009, truTV approached Michael Ballard, expressing interest in documenting the day-to-day operations of his biker bar. They envisioned creating a reality show centered around the Full Throttle Saloon. Eventually, on November 10, 2009, the reality series made its debut.

Running from 2009 to 2015, the show showcased Michael Ballard’s journey in sustaining the success and financial stability of the bar, drawing in more than 300,000 people within its brief season. The series also featured Michael Ballard’s girlfriend, Angie Carlson, who serves as the bar’s Marketing Director. Angie is responsible for managing a team of talented individuals known as the “Flaunt Dancers.” These dancers, within a special bar called “Angieland” at Full Throttle, entertain guests with captivating performances. One of Angie’s signature moves is sitting on a gentleman’s head during her dance routine.

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After achieving tremendous success with the Full Throttle Saloon, Michael Ballard made a decision to return to Trimble in 2013. He initiated a moonshine distillery project named “Michael Ballard’s Full Throttle S’loonshine,” which has become a popular tourist destination and is now distributed nationally.


1. How did Michael Ballard make his money?
Michael Ballard acquired his wealth mainly from being the owner of the successful Full Throttle Saloon, which attracts thousands of visitors during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally each year. He also ventured into the cellular phone business before focusing on the bar industry.

2. Is Michael Ballard still the owner of Full Throttle Saloon?
As of our most recent information, Michael Ballard is still the owner of Full Throttle Saloon.

3. What is the net worth of Full Throttle Saloon?
While specific details about the net worth of Full Throttle Saloon as a business are not readily available, it is known that Michael Ballard has a personal net worth of $10 million.

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**Final Thought:**

In conclusion, Michael Ballard’s net worth of $10 million is a testament to his entrepreneurial success in the bar industry. His ownership of the Full Throttle Saloon, the world’s largest biker bar, and his appearance on the reality show of the same name have further solidified his prominence. Ballard’s journey from a mischievous youngster to a respected bar owner is an inspiring tale of determination and passion. The Full Throttle Saloon continues to thrive, attracting a diverse range of visitors and creating an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

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