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Michael Avenatti Net Worth

What is Michael Avenatti’s Net Worth and Salary?

Michael Avenatti’s net worth is $4 million. He is an American attorney and entrepreneur, best known for representing Stormy Daniels, a pornographic actress, and suing President Donald Trump to void a non-disclosure agreement. Avenatti has also brought cases against high-ranking business executives and the National Football League. In addition to his legal career, he has competed as a race car driver and provided footage of a child in immigration custody to The Rachel Maddow Show.

Born in Sacramento, California in February 1971, Michael Avenatti graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and earned his JD from George Washington University. He formed the law firm Eagan Avenatti, LLP in 2007 and has offices in Newport Beach, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Avenatti has achieved notable legal wins, including a $454 million verdict against Kimberly-Clark and Halyard Health (later reduced to $21.7 million on appeal), an $80 million class-action case against Service Corporation International, and a $41 million judgment against accounting firm KPMG. His firm has secured over $1 billion in verdicts and settlements.

Divorce and Finances

According to court documents from Michael’s 2017 divorce from ex-wife Lisa-Storie Avenatti, the couple’s monthly expenses exceed $65,000. This includes luxury items such as a Ferrari Spyder, a Mercedes G-Wagon, a private plane with a pilot, as well as expenses for dining, shopping, entertainment, and $12,000 per month on nannies for their son. They also spent $100,000 per month on their Newport Beach home and $14,000 per month on an apartment in Los Angeles. Avenatti was reported to have sold assets, including his Ferrari, watches, and share in a private jet, to pay off $2 million in divorce debts. However, he disputed these reports as “demonstrably false.”

Michael Avenatti


In 2013, Michael Avenatti and actor Patrick Dempsey bought Tully’s Coffee out of bankruptcy. However, the partnership failed, resulting in a lawsuit between the former partners and 50 lawsuits from unpaid vendors. In 2018, Avenatti’s firm faced a $10 million judgment in U.S. bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy was filed by a former partner at Eagan Avenatti who was owed a $4.8 million payout. Facing additional unpaid payroll taxes and penalties, the firm filed for bankruptcy. Avenatti subsequently formed a new law firm called Avenatti & Associates.

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In 2019, Michael Avenatti was arrested on charges of financial crimes. He allegedly attempted to extort $20 million from Nike and used client money and false tax returns to cover expenses and obtain loans. In 2022, he was sentenced to a four-year prison term for wire fraud and aggravated ID theft charges related to the theft of $300,000 in book advances from Stormy Daniels. He was also ordered to pay $148,750 in restitution.


Michael Avenatti’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million. He has achieved success as an attorney, representing notable clients and winning significant legal cases. However, he has also faced legal problems and financial challenges. Avenatti’s story serves as a reminder of the complexities of wealth and the consequences of unlawful actions.


What is Michael Avenatti’s net worth?
Michael Avenatti’s net worth is $4 million.

What is Michael Avenatti known for?
Michael Avenatti is known for representing Stormy Daniels and suing President Donald Trump to void a non-disclosure agreement.

Has Michael Avenatti faced legal problems?
Yes, Michael Avenatti has faced legal problems, including charges of financial crimes and a prison sentence for wire fraud and aggravated ID theft.

Final Thought

Michael Avenatti’s legal career and personal life have seen both achievements and challenges. While his net worth is estimated at $4 million, his reputation has been marred by legal problems. It is important to approach wealth and success with integrity and to understand the consequences of illegal actions.

All net worths mentioned in this article are calculated using data drawn from public sources. While efforts have been made to ensure accuracy, these figures are estimates. Corrections and feedback are welcomed.

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