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Mario Balotelli Net Worth

What is Mario Balotelli’s Net Worth and Salary?

We are delighted to provide you with detailed information about Mario Balotelli’s net worth and salary. As an Italian professional soccer player, Mario Balotelli has accumulated a net worth of $80 million. Throughout his career, Balotelli has experienced both highs and lows, with moments of exceptional talent and moments of disciplinary issues and bad behavior.

Career Overview

Mario Balotelli’s career has taken him to various clubs and countries. He began his professional journey with Inter Milan in 2006, where he gained attention with impressive goals. However, disciplinary issues and conflicts with the team’s manager impacted his time at Inter Milan.

In 2010, Balotelli moved to Manchester City, signing a $36 million contract. He achieved success during his first season, but his temper and red card incidents continued to overshadow his performances. Balotelli then played for AC Milan, Liverpool, and several clubs in France, including Nice and Marseille.

In recent years, Balotelli has played for Brescia, Monza, Adana Demirspor, and Sion. He has also represented the Italian national team.

Early Life

Mario Balotelli Barwuah was born on August 12, 1990, in Palermo, Italy. Despite being born to Ghanaian immigrants, he was placed in foster care and later adopted by Italian parents. He grew up in a Jewish household in Brescia.

Style of Play

Mario Balotelli is known for his skills as a classic striker and goalscorer. His height, speed, and technical ability make him a formidable presence on the field. Balotelli also has an impressive record as a penalty kick specialist, converting 38 out of 42 penalties taken.

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However, Balotelli’s attitude and temperament on the pitch have often been criticized. His inconsistency and ill-temper have led to needless bookings and red cards throughout his career.


Balotelli has been involved in numerous controversial incidents throughout his career. In 2010, he fired air pistols in a crowded plaza and was seen associating with mafia members. His wild antics and behavior often made headlines, and he became a polarizing figure.

From crashing his car with a large sum of cash to setting his house on fire with indoor fireworks, Balotelli’s off-field actions have attracted significant attention. Despite these controversies, he has maintained a dedicated fan base.


Mario Balotelli has had notable relationships in his personal life. He was once in a relationship with Rafaella Fico, who claimed to be pregnant with his child. After a DNA test confirmed his paternity, Balotelli became a father.

He also dated Fanny Neguesha between 2013 and 2014 and was engaged to her. Balotelli has a second son, but the identity of the mother has not been disclosed.

Real Estate

During his time in England, Balotelli owned multiple properties. He put his Manchester home up for rent in 2013, indicating a potential departure from the country. The property featured luxurious amenities such as four bedrooms, an indoor pool, and a media room.

In 2014, Balotelli purchased a home in Chester, valued at 4.75 million pounds. This residence boasted a private helipad, a small soccer pitch, and an indoor pool.


In conclusion, Mario Balotelli’s net worth is estimated at $80 million. Throughout his career, he has showcased immense talent on the soccer field but has also faced challenges due to disciplinary issues and controversial behavior. Balotelli’s journey has taken him to clubs in Italy, England, and France, with varying degrees of success.

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Q: What is Mario Balotelli’s current team?

A: As of 2021-2022 season, Mario Balotelli played for Adana Demirspor and Sion.

Q: How many goals has Balotelli scored in his career?

A: Mario Balotelli has scored numerous goals throughout his career, displaying his capabilities as a top-level striker.

Q: What is Balotelli’s nickname?

A: He is commonly referred to as “Super Mario.”

Final Thought

Mario Balotelli has undoubtedly made a significant impact on the world of soccer. His talent, controversial behavior, and unique personality have made him a memorable figure. Despite the ups and downs, Balotelli’s net worth reflects his success and popularity in the sport.

We hope this article has provided you with comprehensive information about Mario Balotelli’s net worth and career. If you have any further questions or corrections, please feel free to reach out to us.

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