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What is Laura Linney’s net worth?

Laura Linney is an American actress and singer who has a net worth of $10 million. An accomplished actress in the world of theater and Hollywood, Laura Linney is highly respected in the entertainment industry. She has an impressive array of credits, but more importantly, she tends to choose projects that earn widespread critical praise.


Laura Leggett Linney was born on February 5, 1964 in Manhattan, New York. Her father was Romulus Zachariah Linney IV, a well-known playwright and teacher. Thanks to her families, acting and theater have always been a major influence on Laura Linney’s life, even from a young age.

After graduating from an elite prep high school in 1982, she went on to study acting at Brown University. Linney became closely involved with the student theater group and later played a role in Brown’s theater production of one of her father’s plays. After graduating from Brown in 1986, Linney continued her acting studies at the renowned Julliard School.

Theater career

From the beginning of her acting career, theater has been a major focus for Laura Linney. She is well known for appearing in numerous major Broadway and off-Broadway productions, and her first role was Hedda Gabler in 1994. She won an award for this early role and later booked a role in Holidays in 1995. .

After her success as an actor in and out of the theater world, Laura Linney has booked another major role in the production The Crucible at the Virginia Theater in 2002. She starred opposite Liam Neeson and was nominated for a Tony Award. She was also nominated for a Tony Award for her performance in the 2004 Broadway production Sight Unseen.

In 2008, Laura Linney made waves with another performance in a Broadway production, this time with Les Liaisons Dangerueses. In 2010, she was nominated for a Tony Award for the third time when she starred in the Broadway production Time Stands Still . Her fourth nomination for that elusive award came when she booked a role in another Broadway production, The Little Foxes . In 2018, she won widespread critical acclaim for her role in My Name is Lucy Barton which debuted in London before running on Broadway.

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Film career

While Laura Linney enjoyed early success in the theater, she established firm roots in the film industry. Her first roles came in the 90s, with films such as Lorenzo’s Oil, Congo and Primal Fear . The role that really put her on the map was in The Truman Show in which she played the wife of Jim Carrey’s character.

In 2000, Laura Linney was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the critically acclaimed film You Can Count On Me. Laura Linney continued her trend of choosing excellent scripts when she appeared in Mystic River since 2003. She also played a role in Love Actually in that year. In addition, Linney appeared in well-received films such as Kinsey and The Squid and the Whale . Roles in films such as 2007’s The Nanny Diaries and Sully and Genius from 2016.

Television career

Laura Linney began her television career with Tales of the City in 1993. This led to new roles in the series’ spin-offs. He won an Emmy Award for his role in the series Wild Iris in 2002. One of her best-known recurring roles was on the show Frasier , and Linney once again won an Emmy for her work on this show as well. Her third Emmy win came with Angels in America and was later nominated for two Screen Actors Guild Awards for her role in Ozark which debuted in 2017.

Personal life

From 1995 to 2000, Laura was married to actor David Adkins. In 2007 she married Marc Schauer. They welcomed a son in 2004.

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