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What is Kirsten Dunst Net Worth and Salary?

Kirsten Dunst is an American actress, singer, and model who has a net worth of $25 million. Kirsten Dunst first broke out as a child star with her performance in Interview with the Vampire in 1994. In her youth and into adulthood, she had starring roles in Little Women, Dick, The Virgin Suicides and the “Spider-Man” trilogy. Dunst’s later credits include films such as “Melancholia,” “Hidden Figures” and “The Beguiled,” and the television series “Fargo” and “On Becoming a God in Central Florida.”

The first start of life and the beginning of the career

Kirsten Dunst was born in 1982 in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Her mother was a flight attendant and artist, while her father worked as an executive for the manufacturing company Siemens. Dunst is of German and Swedish descent. At the age of three, he began his career as a child model in commercials. When he was six, he made his acting debut in Woody Allen’s short film Oedipus Wrecks. Dunst later played the daughter of Tom Hanks’ character in 1990’s The Bonfire of the Vanities. During this time, she attended the Ranney School in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. After her parents’ separation in 1993, she moved with her mother and brother to Los Angeles, where she attended Laurel Hall School and Notre Dame High School.

Dunst had her breakthrough role in 1994, starring opposite Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise in the horror drama Interview with the Vampire. For her portrayal of the vampire child Claudia, Dunst received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Also in 1994, Dunst starred in Gillian Armstrong’s adaptation of Little Women, playing the young Amy March. The following year, she had a starring role in the fantasy adventure “Jumanji” alongside Robin Williams and Bonnie Hunt.

Career in film as a teenager

As a teenager, Dunst continued to take on major roles. In 1997, she appeared opposite Dustin Hoffman and Robert De Niro in the political satire “Wag the Dog”. The following year, she starred in the period comedy All I Wanna Do as a student at a girls’ boarding school in the 60s. They have several important roles in 1999. In the comedy “Dick”, Dunst starred with Michelle Williams as a girl who is caught up in the Watergate scandal. Meanwhile, in Sofia Coppola’s drama The Virgin Suicides, she played one of five troubled teenage sisters growing up in suburban Detroit in the late 1970s. Also in 1999, Dunst starred in True Heart and Drop Dead Gorgeous. The following year, she found more success with the hit teen comedy Bring it On. as cheerleading squad captain Torrance Shipman. In 2001, Dunst starred in Get Over It, loosely based on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream; romantic drama “Crazy/Beautiful”; and the historical drama The Cat’s Meow, in which she played classic Hollywood film star Marion Davies.

“Spider-Man” and his further film career

In 2002, Dunst starred in her most commercially successful film to date, the superhero film Spider-Man. She played Mary Jane Watson, the best friend and love interest of Peter Parker, played by Tobey Maguire. The film ended up grossing over $800 million worldwide and spawned two sequels in which Dunst reprized her role. Then in 2003, the actress starred alongside Holly Hunter, Morgan Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in “Levity” and was part of the ensemble cast of “Mona Lisa Smile” which starred Julia Roberts and Julia Stiles. In 2004, Dunst played a supporting role in the acclaimed science fiction novel Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and starred in the tennis comedy Wimbledon opposite Paul Bettany. Subsequent credits in the 2000s included Cameron Crowe’s Elizabethtown; “Marie Antoinette” by Sofia Coppola, in which Dunst played the unfortunate queen of France; and the British comedy How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, starring Simon Pegg.

In 2010, Dunst starred in the crime drama All Good Things alongside Ryan Gosling and Frank Langella. The following year, she had one of her most acclaimed film roles in Lars von Trier’s sci-fi drama Melancholia, playing a woman suffering from depression as the world is about to end. For her performance, Dunst won Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival. In 2012, Dunst had three main roles: in the comedy “Bachelorette”, the fantasy “Upside Down” and the drama “On the Road”, an adaptation of the classic Jack Kerouac novel. Dunst’s later credits included Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring and The Beguiled; the literary adaptation “The Two Girls of January”; the science fiction film “Midnight Special”; biographical drama”

Spider-Man and Salary Highlights

Kirsten Dunst really became a household name in French involved in Tobey Magui Spider-Man. The first installment came in 2002. She appeared in the sequels in 2004 and 2007. Her salary for the sequels was $7 million and $10 million respectively. In total, Kirsten earned around $20 million for her work on Spider-Man. She earned $5 million for her role in “Wimbledon” and $8 million or parts for “Elizabethtown” and “Marie Antoinette.”

Television career

At the age of eight, in 1993, Dunst starred in the television movie Darkness Before Dawn. She was also in the episode of “Sisters” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. Her later credits as a child actor included the television films “The Siege at Ruby Ridge” and “Tower of Terror” and the medical drama “ER,” in which she had a recurring role as a child prostitute being cared for by a pediatrician . . Later in the 90s, Dunst starred in the television films “Fifteen and Pregnant” and “The Devil’s Arithmetic.”

In 2015, Dunst landed the lead role of Peggy Blumquist in the second season of the FX crime series “Fargo”; he received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. Another nomination came in 2019 for Dunst’s performance as Krystal Stubb in Showtime’s dark comedy On Becoming a God in Central Florida.

Personal life

From 2002 to 2004, Dunst dated actor Jake Gyllenhaal, and in 2007, she dated musician Johnny Borrell. For a while, she was also in a relationship with her “On the Road” co-star Garrett Hedlund.

In 2017, Dunst got engaged to her “Fargo” co-star Jesse Plemons and had a son, Ennis, in 2018. She announced that another son is on the way in 2021.


In 2001, Kirsten bought a large house in the LA neighborhood of Toluca Lake for $2.6 million. She sold the property on demand in June 2019 after only being on the market for 9 days. She had a $4.5 million house in New York from 2007 to 2018.

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