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What is Julie Chrisley’s net worth and salary?

Julie Chrisley is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $1.5 million. Julie Chrisley became famous with her family on the reality series “Chrisley Best”, which airs on the USA Network. The show follows the lives of Julie and Todd Chrisley and their five children.


Julie Chrisley grew up in Winchester, South Carolina, the daughter of a Baptist minister/mechanic and a bank teller. Chrisley had another brother who committed suicide at the age of 25. Julie and her family lived a simple life in a trailer in South Carolina.

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Personal life and career

Julie’s life changed drastically when she started a relationship with Todd Chrisley , a successful real estate broker, in the early 1990s. At the time, Todd was married with two children. Shortly after she and Todd married, Julie gave birth to their first child together, a son named Chase.

Todd is considered by his family to be a control freak, a germaphobe, and often unreasonable and easily irritated. He was previously married to his high school sweetheart Teresa Terry before marrying Julie in 1996. He has two children with Teresa and three children with Julie. Todd said he has long embraced rumors of this gay thing: “I’m flattered that people think I can be pulled on both ends. So that doesn’t bother me and my wife is safe, flattered that many men want her. husband, as they are women.”

Todd Chrisley is alleged to have been very successful in the real estate business and made millions throughout his career. However, in recent years, he was in massive debt and had to give away food. He allegedly owed the banks around $49 million at one point.

Julie is a healthy cancer survivor who has changed her outlook on life. She sought to appreciate life without “sweating the small stuff” and sought to instill that value in her husband and families as well. Julie loves to cook and also stars in “What’s Cooking with Julie Chrisley” on the USA Network.

The series Chrisley Knows Best debuted on USA Network in 2014. The series focuses on the lives of Julie and Todd and their wealthy families and was originally set in Roswell and Alpharetta Georgia near Atlanta. The show then moved primarily to Nashville, Tennessee during its fourth season. In 2017 it was renewed for a sixth season. A spin-off called “Growing up Chrisley” focusing on Chase and Savannah Chrisley, their children, was originally set to air in April 2019.

Season eight of Chrisley Knows Best began airing in July 2020. In 2016, the series was nominated for a Critics Choice Television Award for Best Non-Structured Reality Show. Julie Chrisley has also appeared in an episode of The View, Today, Steve Harvey, The Real, FabLife, Hollywood Medium and Steve.

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Julie and Todd have a blended family with five children. Lindsie Chrisley Campbell is Todd’s eldest daughter with ex-wife Teresa. Lindsie met Will Campbell in 2009. Lindsie eloped with Campbell in 2012 without getting the father, which forced them into an estranged relationship. After a tumultuous few years, they reconciled in 2016. Lindsie made her last appearance on the show in season 5. According to her lawyer, “Lindsie was a constant target of lies, harassment and threats from her family and as a result . , has distanced herself from the Chrisley family since 2017.”

Kyle Chrisley is Todd’s oldest son with Teresa. He is a recovering addict who suffers from bipolar disorder. She appeared in the first season of “Chrisley Knows Best” before getting involved with drugs again, and has only been mentioned since then, in the second season. He announced in 2019 that he was sober again. Chloe’s daughter often appears on the show as she is being raised by her grandparents.

Chase Chrisley is the eldest son of Todd and Julie, who is often depicted engaging in the get-rich-quick scheme. Savannah Chrisley, Todd and Julie’s oldest daughter is a former beauty pageant contestant who won the Miss Tennessee Teen USA title in 2016. Savannah founded SASSY, a cosmetics company that debuted on HSN.

Other characters appearing in “Chrisley Knows Best” include Todd’s mother, “Nanny,” Faye Chrisley. She enjoys gambling and drinking, and is often annoyed by Todd’s frequent interference with her plans in an effort to protect her and keep her out of trouble.

Arrest August 2019

On August 14, 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were arrested in Atlanta on a multi-count indictment. Initial charges included tax evasion, wire fraud, bank fraud and conspiracy. According to the indictment, between approximately 2007 and 2012, Todd and Julie allegedly used Chrisley Asset Management to seek bank loans to be used to buy and sell foreclosed properties. Prosecutors alleged the couple provided false information to secure these bank loans. This false information would have drastically inflated the couple’s net worth.

According to the indictment, Todd and Julie:

Conspired to submit false material to financial institutions, such as fabricated bank statements and false personal financial statements, to obtain millions of dollars in loans, many of which they used for their personal benefit.

As one example, the indictment alleges that in November 2007, Todd and Julie submitted a fabricated financial statement to a bank. From the indictment:

When the bank employee requested bank statements, co-conspirator A [un angajat care se pare că lucrează pentru familia Chrisley] sent Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley a fabricated bank statement showing that Todd and Julie Chrisley had $776,509.52 on deposit with Merrill Lynch.

In response, Todd Chrisley told his co-conspirator, “You guys are crazy geniuses [sic]!!! Just make it look like 4mil+

In reality, the couple did not have a Merrill Lynch bank account at the time. When they got one later, it contained no more than $17,000.

In addition, Todd and Julie also allegedly dodged federal tax bills. Their accountant was also indicted.

Todd and Julie claimed in a social media post that the illegal acts were committed by a former “trusted employee” who stole from the family and committed the crimes without their knowledge. They were forced to appear in court and post $100,000 in unsecured bond. They were also ordered to restrict their travel to Atlanta and California to only taping the TV show.

A new indictment was filed in February 2022. In addition to the previously specified charges of presenting false documents when applying for loans, the indictment further accuses the pair of using a film production company to hide $2 million in unpaid taxes owed to the IRS. That $2 million tax bill was allegedly related to earnings from their TV show that the couple hid in a production company they control called 7C’s Productions.

In this updated indictment, Todd and Julie were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States, one count of tax fraud, and FIVE counts of bank fraud. They pleaded not guilty.

Their federal criminal trial began in May 2022.


In 2016, the Chrisleys paid $1.6 million for a house in Nashville. In June 2019, the couple bought a $3.4 million home outside of Nashville. Amid their alleged ongoing financial crimes, they were forced to put the house up for sale just two months later. Their original asking price was $4.7 million.

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