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Jonathan Rhys Meyers Net Worth and Salary: Jonathan Rhys Meyers is an Irish actor and model who has a net worth of $8 million. Over the years, Rhys Meyers has appeared in a wide range of film and television projects, including Bend it Like Beckham and Mission: Impossible. His notable television credits are in series and miniseries such as ‘Elvis’, ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Vikings’. In the 2010s, Jonathan continued to appear in a number of projects. In addition, Rhys Meyers is known for supporting the sale, especially for his close relationship with Hugo Boss.

Early Life: Jonathan Michael Francis O’Keeffe was born on July 27, 1977 in Dublin, Ireland. Raised in a Roman Catholic household in a family of musicians, Rhys Meyers was expelled from his Catholic school for truancy. He then spent his days hanging out in Dublin pool halls before being spotted by a casting agency. Then he started auditioning for the first time, and this launched his acting career.

Career: Jonathan adopted the stage name ‘Rhys Meyers’ early in his career and made his first appearance in the film ‘A Man of No Importance’. Another film role came in 1996 with ‘Michael Collins’. A more central role came in 1998 with ‘Velvet Goldmine’, in which Jonathan played a glam rock star in 70s Britain. He then booked a role in the western film Ride with the Devil, which received positive reviews despite being a box-office failure.

After another notable role in BBC’s Gormenghast, Rhys Meyers has booked a major role in Bend It Like Beckham. Jonathan played a girls’ soccer coach in the film and helped him reach a much wider audience. In 2004, she appeared in the films ‘Vanity Fair’ and ‘Alexander’.

While these early roles certainly put Rhys Meyers on the map, it wasn’t until the mid-2000s that his career really took off. After appearing in 2005’s Match Point, Jonathan won a Chopard Trophy at the Cannes Film Festival. He then booked a notable role as Elvis Presley in the four-hour CBS miniseries, “Elvis.” His role earned him an Emmy nomination and a Golden Globe. To finish 2006, he appeared in the movie “Mission: Impossible III”.

In 2007, Rhys Meyers booked what is probably one of his most defining roles in The Tudors. The historical series saw him play the role of Henry VIII and earned him another Golden Globe nomination that year. In the following years, Jonathan appeared in films such as “August Rush”, “The Children of Huang Shi”, “Shelter” and “From Paris with Love”.

Another independent film role came in 2011 with “Belle du Seigneur”. He then played the role of Dracula in the NBC series of the same name. In 2017, he played a spy in “Damascus Cover,” which premiered at the Boston Film Festival. He later appeared in the film ‘The Rising’ as Patrick Pearse. In 2018, Rhys Meyers joined the cast of the upcoming film Hide and Seek. That year, it was also announced that he would be joining the cast of “Altitude”. In 2019, it was reported that Jonathan will appear in “American Night”, a neo-noir thriller.

In addition, Jonathan is an established musician who has appeared in several musical roles. He contributed four songs to the August Rush soundtrack, two of which won widespread critical acclaim.

Opening support: Rhys Meyers is also a model, and this category is a significant source of additional income for outside of his acting career. In 2001, he modeled for Club Monaco. In 2006 and 2007, she became the new face for various Versace fashion lines. Starting in 2006, Rhys Meyer also signed a brand endorsement deal with Hugo Bos, which saw her front a fragrance line for the brand. He served in this capacity until 2011.

Relations: After meeting on the set of ‘Velvet Goldmine’, Rhys Meyers and Toni Collette struck up a relationship and were married for a year. Jonathan then began a relationship with Reena Hammer, the daughter of well-known makeup artist Ruby Hammer. In 2016, Rhys Meyers married a woman named Mara Lane. The pair had a child together in 2016, and Jonathan says this moment changed his life.

Drinking problem: Jonathan Rhys Meyers has struggled with a significant drinking problem over the years. In 2007, the agent announced that he was entering an alcohol treatment program after the problem became worse. He entered treatment again in 2010. In 2011, he was charged in France with public drunkenness, and was ordered to pay a fine of 1,000 euros. The incident happened two years ago.

In 2009, he was detained again in France after getting drunk and allegedly assaulting an airport lounge employee. In 2010, he was involved in another airport-related incident involving alcohol, allegedly abusing staff at Kennedy International Airport after getting drunk on vodka.

Real Estate: In 2014, it was reported that Rhys Meyers listed his Hollywood Hills home for $1.6 million. He had originally bought the house in 2007 for $1.59 million. Located in the Sunset Strip neighborhood, the home has a heated pool and has been marketed as an ideal “single family home.” In 2018, Jonathan reportedly put this 1,600 square foot home back on the market for $1.8 million after not finding a buyer for several years.

A year earlier, Rhys Meyers and his wife paid $2.55 million for a three-bedroom residence in the middle of the Monte Nido mountains near Malibu and Calabasas. This much larger home sits on over four acres of land.

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