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What is Jon Cryer Net Worth and Salary?

Jon Cryer is an American television and film actor who has a net worth of $70 million. Although Cryer began his career in the 80s, he is best known today for his role in the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men . Throughout his career, Cryer has appeared in a number of films, TV shows and theater productions.


Jonathan Niven Cryer was born on April 16, 1965 in New York City. Jon grew up in a family firmly rooted in the world of acting. His father is a veteran actor and his mother is a playwright, actress and singer. Jon was raised with two sisters. Although Jon’s mother was initially unsure of her son’s career choice, Jon decided to become an actor at the age of 12.

Jon spent his high school years attending acting workshops during the summers. After graduating from high school in 1983, Cryer went straight to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London to take a summer course on the works of Shakespeare.


Jon Cryer started with a role in the play on Broadway Torch Song Trilogy . Although Matthew Broderick was originally slated to take over the role, Cryer replaced him to earn his first professional acting credit. He once again replaced Broderick to take over in the No Small Affair since 1984. Due to Jon Cryer’s resemblance to Matthew Broderick, this pattern continued with other future productions.

After a series of minor television and film roles, Cryer’s real breakthrough came with Pretty in Pink from 1986. The role made Cryer a teen idol, and his role as “Duckie” made him a teen watcher among girls across the country. Pretty in Pink it was a commercial success that later became a cult classic. Although Cryer tried to capitalize on this success with a starring role in the 1989 series The Famous Teddy Z poor reviews led to the show’s cancellation after just one season.

Jon Cryer started the 90s strong with a role in Hot Shots! The film received positive reviews and solidified Jon Cryer’s position as part of the “Brat Pack”. In 1993, Cryer auditioned for the role of Chandler in Friends , but his tape did not reach the network in time. Cryer joined another unsuccessful TV series in 1995 called Partners . Once again, it was canceled after one season.

Jon Cryer then wrote and produced the film Went to Coney Island on a Mission From God… Be Back By Five . The film premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival and received positive reviews. Jon Cryer then joined the shows Getting Personal and The Trouble With Normal , though again both were canceled after just one season. However, Cryer did in the end progress with Two and a Half Men in 2003. Although CBS executives did not want Cryer for the role, his friendship with Charlie Sheen proved to be the deciding factor. The show ran until 2013 and Jon Cryer was the only actor to appear in every episode. He won two Emmy Awards for his performances in the series.

In Cryer’s time at Two and a Half Men still found time for additional projects such as movies Tortured and Shorts . After Two and a Half Men finished, Cryer appeared on NCIS for three episodes in the 2015-2016 season. In 2018, Jon Cryer booked the role of Lex Luthor in the TV series Supergirl . Due to the role’s centrality to the “Arrowverse,” Cryer will appear in many crossover episodes from other shows. In 1987, Cryer played the role of Lenny Luthor (Lex Luthor’s nephew) in Superman IV: The Quest for Peace .

In addition, Cryer has appeared in guest roles on many other television series including The Outer Limits, Family Guy, The Practice, American Dad!, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Hannah Montana, The Cleveland Show, Robot Chicken and Will & Grace.

Salary benchmarks

For the middle seasons of Two and a Half Men , Jon was making $550,000 per episode. Prior to season 11, his salary was increased to $650,000 per episode. At the time, he was making more than $15 million a year in base salary before unionization and resume royalties. In the last two seasons alone, Jon has earned over $30 million. In total, Cryer earned over $100 million in salary during her time on the show. He made tens of millions more in the show’s first year of sales. When it’s all added up over the next few decades, he will have earned $200 million from the show.

Personal life

In 1999, Jon Cryer married actress Sarah Trigger. The couple had one child before divorcing in 2004. In 2007, Cryer married reporter Lisa Joyner. The couple adopted a child in 2009.

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