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Jeannie Mai Net Worth

## Summary

In this article, we will delve into Jeannie Mai’s net worth and explore her journey to success. Jeannie Mai is widely known for her expertise in fashion, as well as being a popular American TV personality and host. We will provide you with all the relevant information about Jeannie Mai, including her personal and professional life, as well as her achievements. Furthermore, we will present a tabular overview of key details such as her date of birth, nationality, height, weight, and, of course, her impressive net worth. Let’s dive into the exciting world of Jeannie Mai and discover the secrets behind her financial success!

Jeannie Mai – A Fashion Icon and TV Personality

Jeannie Mai, a renowned TV personality, was born on January 4, 1979, in San Jose, California. With her exceptional skills and passion for fashion, she rose to prominence in the entertainment industry. Jeannie Mai’s talent and dedication have driven her to achieve remarkable milestones throughout her career.

As a versatile individual, Jeannie Mai has showcased her talent as a host, stylist, and makeup artist. She has proven her expertise in the fashion industry and has become an inspiration for many aspiring fashion enthusiasts. Jeannie Mai’s unique style and charismatic personality have made her one of the most recognizable figures in the media.

Personal and Professional Achievements

Jeannie Mai’s career can be traced back to her early days as a makeup artist. She honed her skills and created a name for herself in the competitive world of fashion and entertainment. Over the years, her talent and determination have led her to host several notable television shows, including “How Do I Look?” and “The Real.” Jeannie Mai has also made appearances on popular talk shows such as “The Wendy Williams Show,” where she shared her perspectives on fashion and lifestyle.

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In addition to her television career, Jeannie Mai has also made successful contributions as a fashion expert. She has worked with renowned magazines like Glamour and Elle, providing valuable insights and guidance to readers. Her fashion expertise has been highly sought after, leading her to collaborate with numerous brands and conduct styling sessions for various celebrities.

Jeannie Mai’s Statistics and Net Worth

Now, let’s take a closer look at Jeannie Mai’s key details and her impressive net worth. The following table provides a comprehensive overview:

| Name | Gender | Date of Birth | Place of Birth | Nationality | Profession | Height | Weight | Net Worth |
| Jeannie Mai | Female | January 4, 1979 | San Jose, California | American | TV Personality, Stylist, Makeup Artist | 5’4″ | 121 lbs | $4 Million (estimated) |

As seen in the table above, Jeannie Mai has achieved incredible heights in her career. Her dedication to the world of fashion and entertainment, coupled with her immense talent, has earned her both recognition and financial success. With a net worth estimated at around $4 million, Jeannie Mai has secured a stable financial future for herself.


Jeannie Mai’s journey from being a makeup artist to a highly esteemed TV personality and fashion expert is truly inspiring. Her passion for fashion, coupled with her charismatic personality, has propelled her to great heights in the entertainment industry. Jeannie Mai’s net worth is a testament to her hard work, dedication, and brilliant talent.

As she continues to make waves in the world of fashion and entertainment, Jeannie Mai remains an influential figure for aspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to all those who strive to make a mark in their respective fields.

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**1. What is Jeannie Mai’s net worth?**
Jeannie Mai’s net worth is estimated to be around $4 million.

**2. What are Jeannie Mai’s notable television shows?**
Jeannie Mai has hosted shows like “How Do I Look?” and “The Real.”

**3. Where was Jeannie Mai born?**
Jeannie Mai was born in San Jose, California.

**4. How tall is Jeannie Mai?**
Jeannie Mai stands at a height of 5’4″.

**5. What is Jeannie Mai’s profession?**
Jeannie Mai is a TV personality, stylist, and makeup artist.

Final Thought

Jeannie Mai’s net worth is a reflection of her remarkable accomplishments in the fashion and entertainment industry. Her impactful career journey, coupled with her undeniable talent and expertise, has propelled her to great success. Jeannie Mai continues to inspire aspiring fashion enthusiasts and serve as a role model for all those who wish to pursue their passions.

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