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Jacob Artist Net Worth

Jacob Artist Net Worth

In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Jacob Artist, an American actor, dancer, and singer. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jacob Artist has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Early Life and Career

Jacob Artist was born in Buffalo, New York in 1992. As a child, he pursued his passion for dance and trained at the David DeMarie Dance Studio. He even received an acceptance to The Juilliard School for dance, but he made the decision to move to Los Angeles to pursue acting instead.

Rise to Fame

In 2012, Jacob Artist gained recognition when he was cast in the hit Fox series “Glee”. He portrayed the character Jake Puckerman, the younger brother of the popular character Puck, played by Mark Salling. Originally a recurring role during the show’s fourth season, Artist became a main cast member in season five.

Other Works

Aside from his role in “Glee”, Jacob Artist has appeared in other television shows and movies. In 2012, he played the character Dean Hollis in “How to Rock” and Cameron in “Melissa and Joey”. He also landed the role of Stephen Sullivan in the Lifetime TV movie “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening” and portrayed Parker in “After the Dark” in 2013. Additionally, he had a part in “White Bird in a Blizzard” in the same year.

Recognition and Ambassadorship

Jacob Artist’s talent and rising fame earned him honors from Abercrombie & Fitch in 2013. He was recognized as a star on the rise. He also served as a Coca Cola P10 Coke Mismo product ambassador.

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In conclusion, Jacob Artist has achieved a net worth of $1 million through his successful career as an actor, dancer, and singer. From his early days of dancing at the David DeMarie Dance Studio to his breakthrough role on “Glee”, Artist has proven his talent and dedication. He continues to make an impact in the entertainment industry with his appearances in various TV shows and movies. Jacob Artist’s net worth reflects his hard work and success in the industry.


Q: What is Jacob Artist’s net worth?

A: Jacob Artist’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

Q: What is Jacob Artist known for?

A: Jacob Artist is known for his role as Jake Puckerman in the TV show “Glee”.

Q: What other TV shows and movies has Jacob Artist appeared in?

A: Jacob Artist has appeared in TV shows such as “How to Rock” and “Melissa and Joey”, as well as movies like “Blue Lagoon: The Awakening” and “White Bird in a Blizzard”.

Final Thought

With his impressive net worth and successful career, Jacob Artist has established himself as a talented actor, dancer, and singer. From his early beginnings in dance to his breakthrough role on “Glee”, Artist has captivated audiences with his performances. As he continues to pursue his passion and take on new projects, we can expect to see even greater achievements from Jacob Artist in the future.

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