How the best coupon sites help you save money


Coupon sites are services that offer to buy goods or services at a discount of 30 to 90%. Basically, they work with beauty salons, restaurants, concert organizers, online stores, medical clinics, water parks and hotels.

A coupon is an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier of the stock. He collects various offers on his site – from photo-epilation to a trip to Italy, and then advertises them.

Users of such sites pay the coupon on the portal and show it to the service provider to get a good discount. But you should not delude yourself – many companies are specifically building a business for coupon sales and inflate prices so that the discount seems big.

In order not to be disappointed in discount sites, carefully read the terms and conditions and check the supplier. For example, a coupon for a restaurant might give you a 50% discount on food and not include alcohol or be valid during daylight hours.

Coupon sites were at their peak in 2010, with many new services emerging. In 2013-2014 there were about 140 of them, by 2019 the number has halved. To identify the best, we analyzed the Radar.Yandex service and looked at which discount sites people visit the most, and also added reviews from


Biglion occupies 80% of the entire Russian coupon market. This discount site runs promotions in 60 cities, with up to 2 million users every month.

There are about 4 thousand different offers here: from discounts on restaurants and barbershops to learning English and vision correction.

In the coupons section, you will find sets of socks, holders for smartphones in the car, smart watches, mattresses, bed linen, coffee capsules, fruit bouquets, cakes.

Through Biglion, you can get cashback in these stores and services:

  • aliexpress
  • crossroads
  • sportmaster
  • Eldorado and others.

There is a section with promotional codes for these companies:

  • Lensmaster
  • Ile de Beaute
  • Decathlon
  • M Video
  • Ozone and others.

One of Biglion’s largest categories is tourism. If you are going on vacation, look here for promotions on hotels in the Moscow region, Seliger, Karelia, Crimea, Abkhazia, Baikal. There are river cruises, excursions to the cities of the Golden Ring, as well as tours to Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Greece, and Spain.

Opinions about Biglion

biglion reviews reviews about coupon sites


In 2016, the American company Groupon sold assets in Russia to Biglion – on this basis, Frendi was opened, which began to make shares in 70 cities of Russia. There are more than 2000 offers in Moscow, more than 1500 in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, 1000 in Yekaterinburg.

Coupons are divided into 7 categories: entertainment, food, beauty, medicine, education, sports and services. Tourism, rest in sanatoriums and hotel complexes are presented separately.

Frendi will help organize a trip for the whole company to Yakitoria, Wabi-Sabi, BeerHof, Chaikhona No. 1 or save money on spa treatments and massages, even in small towns like Belgorod or Kaluga.

Frendi is similar to Biglion – many partners duplicate their shares on these coupons. Therefore, you can use the discount for the Caribbean water park on both services. The difference is that there are no sections on cashback and promotional codes on Frendi.

Reviews about Frendi

frendy reviews frendi reviews


Up to 350 thousand people visit this site with discounts per month. In 2010, the service appeared in Moscow, and today it is already available in 10 cities. “KupiKupon” characterizes itself as a site with a transparent scheme of work: the service gives a 100% money back guarantee.

More than 68 million coupons have been sold on KupiKupon. The main category of the portal is beauty, followed by entertainment, food and tours. Least of all promotions for goods and sports. There is a section with free offers, for example, up to 50% off combo sets from BurgerKing.

The most popular are subscriptions to the Moreon or Caribbean water parks, a 50% discount at Chaikhona No. 1, a 30% discount at the Teremok restaurant chain, 50% at ToDaSyo, a 50% discount on a ticket to the children’s city of masters ” Masterslavl.

Reviews about “BuyCoupon”

Kuponator is a coupon site aggregator. Every month 350 thousand people come here. This portal collects offers from all discount services. Here you can find promotions for 150 cities in Russia and CIS countries. The site has been operating since 2010 and is available in all social networks where you can share your experience.

The main advantage of the portal is the storage of all information in one place: the user only needs to select a city and category to see discounts on all coupon sites. True, Kuponator is not responsible for offers, does not check promotions and does not give a guarantee for sellers of services or goods.

How to save on coupon sites

  • Read the terms of the offer in full. Separately, pay attention to the duration of the promotion and the need for additional payment on the spot. If the supplier has several points of sale, find out exactly where the coupon is valid.
  • Compare the prices of the same promotion on different coupons, use coupon site aggregators.
  • Study the seller and contact him in advance. Call and ask when you can use the coupon, whether all the conditions of the promotion correspond to the description.
  • Check the price of the service or product on the website of the promotion provider. The discounted price on the coupon and the price on the supplier’s website can be the same, which means that there is no discount.
  • Compare the prices of promotional offers with offers on the Internet. This will help to find out the price of a particular product or service in the market, and to understand whether the price of a promotion has been artificially increased for the sake of a larger discount.
  • Don’t buy impulsively. Check out coupon sites when you need to, like if you want to take the kids to a water park or go-karting.
  • Look at reviews from other buyers.
  • Write or call support if you don’t understand something.
  • Subscribe to the site’s newsletter or join its group to be aware of great offers.

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