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Fivio Foreign Net Worth

Fivio Foreign Net Worth in 2023: Biography, Career, and More


In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Fivio Foreign, a renowned American rapper and songwriter. We will provide you with valuable insights into his net worth, personal life, and professional achievements. From his early beginnings to his rise to fame, we’ll cover it all. Stay tuned to discover fascinating facts and answers to your burning questions about Fivio Foreign.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction & Biography
2. Fivio Foreign’s Net Worth
3. Personal Life & Career
4. Discography
5. Conclusion
6. FAQs
7. Final Thoughts

Introduction & Biography:

Fivio Foreign, also known as Maxie Lee Ryles III, is an incredibly talented and successful American rapper and songwriter. He gained significant recognition in 2019 with his single “Big Drip,” which received a remix featuring rappers Lil Baby and Quavo. Fivio Foreign is currently signed to RichFish Records, a label founded by New York rapper Mase, in collaboration with Columbia Records.

Fivio Foreign’s Net Worth:

As of the 2023 update, Fivio Foreign’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million. This figure is based on thorough research conducted by Fivio Foreign has not only earned from his music career but also through various sources such as record sales, live shows, brand promotions, and his other business ventures.

Personal Life & Career:

Fivio Foreign started his rap journey in 2011 under the alias “Lite Fivio.” Eventually, he changed his stage name to Fivio Foreign and established the 800 Foreign Side music collective with his friends. His breakthrough came with the release of “Big Drip,” which attracted widespread attention and propelled him further into the spotlight.

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In May 2020, Fivio Foreign achieved his first two Billboard-charting singles with collaborations on Drake’s “Demons” and Lil Tjay’s “Zoo York.” He gained further recognition after being named in XXL’s 2020 Freshman Class. Throughout 2020, he collaborated with numerous artists, including Nas, Tory Lanez, French Montana, and King Von.

In 2021, Fivio Foreign collaborated with Playboi Carti on the tracks “Off the Grid” and “Ok Ok” with Lil Yachty and Rooga on Kanye West’s album “Donda.” He released his debut album, “B.I.B.L.E.,” on April 8, 2022, featuring notable artists such as A$AP Rocky, Polo G, Lil Yachty, and Lil Tjay.


Here is a list of Fivio Foreign’s albums:
– B.I.B.L.E (2022)

And here are some of his popular songs:
– City of Gods
– Not In The Mood
– What’s My Name
– Big Drip
– Headshot
– Top Notch
– For Nothin
– Hello Baby feat. Fivio Foreign
– Hello
– Magic City
– Slime Them
– My head is spinning like a screw
– Changed On Me
– World Watching
– Wetty
– Move Like a Boss
– Through the Fire
– Trust
– Story Time
– Self Made
– On God
– Demons & Goblins
– Squeeze
– Left Side
– 13 Going On 30
– Can’t Be Us
– Issa Vibe
– Feel My Struggle
– Love Songs
– Richer Than Ever


In conclusion, Fivio Foreign has made a significant impact in the music industry with his unique talent and distinct style. With a net worth of $2 million, he has established himself as a successful rapper and songwriter. Fivio Foreign’s journey from his early beginnings to his chart-topping hits is truly inspiring. We can expect even greater achievements from him in the future.

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Q: How much is Fivio Foreign’s net worth in 2023?
A: Fivio Foreign’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million as of the 2023 update.

Q: Is Fivio Foreign still alive?
A: Yes, as of the 2023 update, Fivio Foreign is alive and actively pursuing his music career.

Q: What is Fivio Foreign’s height and weight?
A: Fivio Foreign stands at an impressive height of 6 feet 2 inches. However, his weight is currently unknown.

Q: Where was Fivio Foreign born?
A: Fivio Foreign was born on March 29, 1990, in New York, United States.

Q: What is Fivio Foreign’s nationality?
A: Fivio Foreign is American.

Final Thoughts:

Fivio Foreign’s journey to success serves as a testament to his hard work, talent, and dedication. With a net worth of $2 million, he has solidified his position in the music industry. From his chart-topping hits to his captivating performances, Fivio Foreign continues to make waves. Keep an eye out for his future projects, as he is undoubtedly a rising star worth following.

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