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Daniel Alfredsson Net Worth

What is Daniel Alfredsson’s Net Worth?


In this article, we will discuss the net worth of Daniel Alfredsson, a Swedish professional hockey player. We will explore his career, achievements, and financial success.

Daniel Alfredsson’s Career and Achievements

Daniel Alfredsson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in December 1972. He played for Frolunda HC for three seasons before being drafted #133 by the Ottawa Senators in the 1994 NHL Draft. Alfredsson had an impressive career with the Senators, playing for them until 2013. During this time, he also played again for Frolunda HC in 2004-05.

Throughout his career, Alfredsson signed several lucrative deals. In 1997, he signed a $14 million deal for four years with the Senators. In 2008, he agreed to a four-year extension worth $21.6 million. These contracts contributed significantly to his overall net worth.

In 2013, Alfredsson joined the Detroit Red Wings and signed a one-year deal worth $5.5 million. He showcased his skills on the ice and was selected to the NHL All-Star Game multiple times, including 1996, 1997, 1998, 2004, 2008, and 2012.

Alfredsson’s accomplishments extend beyond his regular season performance. He won the Calder Memorial Trophy in 1996 as a member of the NHL All-Rookie Team. He also received various awards, such as the Guy Carbonneau Award for Top Penalty-Killer in 2008 and the King Clancy Memorial Trophy in 2012. In 2013, he was honored with the Mark Messier Leadership Award.

As a representative of Sweden in international competition, Alfredsson achieved great success. He won a Gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics and Silver medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics, 1995 World Championships, and 2004 World Championships.

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Daniel Alfredsson’s Net Worth

Daniel Alfredsson’s net worth is estimated to be $51 million. He accumulated this wealth through his successful career in professional hockey and various endorsement deals. It is important to note that all net worth calculations are based on data drawn from public sources. Additionally, whenever possible, we also incorporate private tips and feedback received from the celebrities or their representatives.


In conclusion, Daniel Alfredsson is a highly accomplished professional hockey player with a remarkable net worth of $51 million. His career spanned several teams, including the Ottawa Senators and the Detroit Red Wings. Alfredsson’s contributions to the sport and his achievements on and off the ice have solidified his financial success.


Q: What is Daniel Alfredsson’s net worth?

A: Daniel Alfredsson has a net worth of $51 million.

Q: What teams did Daniel Alfredsson play for?

A: Daniel Alfredsson played for Frolunda HC, the Ottawa Senators, and the Detroit Red Wings.

Q: What awards has Daniel Alfredsson won?

A: Daniel Alfredsson has won the Calder Memorial Trophy, the Guy Carbonneau Award for Top Penalty-Killer, the King Clancy Memorial Trophy, and the Mark Messier Leadership Award.

Q: Has Daniel Alfredsson won any medals in international competition?

A: Yes, Daniel Alfredsson has won a Gold medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics and Silver medals at the 2014 Winter Olympics, 1995 World Championships, and 2004 World Championships.

Final Thought

Daniel Alfredsson’s net worth of $51 million reflects his tremendous success in professional hockey. Throughout his career, he showcased remarkable skills on the ice and received numerous accolades, both domestically and internationally. Alfredsson’s achievements and financial stability exemplify his dedication and commitment to the sport.

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