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Christina Hendricks Net Worth and Salary: Christina Hendricks is an American actress who has a net worth of $10 million. Hendricks is probably best known for his role on “Mad Men.” She began her career as a model and was named the “Sexiest Woman in the World” and “The Best Woman in America” ​​by various publications. That said, she didn’t become an award-winning actress based on her looks alone. During her tenure with “Mad Men,” she won numerous honors and accolades. Outside of television, Christina Hendricks has appeared in various films. She is also an accomplished voice actor.

First Life: Christina Rene Hendricks was born on May 3, 1975 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Raised with an older brother, Christina traveled frequently with her family due to her father’s job as a Forest Service employee. He spent much of his early life in Georgia before moving to Portland, Oregon. At the age of nine, he moved back to Idaho, where he became deeply involved in a local theater group. She started dying her hair red at the age of ten (she’s a natural blonde).

During her teenage years, she moved with her family to Fairfax, Virginia to be near her workplace in Washington, DC. The move was traumatic for the teenage Christina, and she described herself as lonely during high school. She found solace in the theater and studied ballet. He eventually dropped out of high school midway through his senior year, finishing up at a community college.

Career: Christina Hendricks initially set her sights on a career as a model after winning a contest to appear on the cover of ‘Seventeen’ magazine at the age of 18. She signed with IMG Models and moved to New York. Soon enough, she was traveling the world as a successful model, spending a significant amount of time in Japan and London between the ages of 18 and 27.

Midway through her modeling career, she began transitioning into commercial work, booking roles in commercials for Carl as well as Dr. Pepper’s Jr. Hendricks, then moved to Los Angeles with other members of her family. One of her first acting roles was in the MTV series Undressed, and she followed that up with a starring role in the Showtime series Beggars and Choosers. He also found time to make an appearance in the series ‘Angel’.

After these initial roles, Christina Hendricks began breaking into the television industry with a series of notable appearances. She has booked roles in series such as ‘ER’, ‘The Court’, ‘Tru Calling’, ‘Kevin Hill’ and the critically acclaimed sci-fi series ‘Firefly’.

However, Hendricks’ real breakthrough came in 2007, when he booked a major recurring role on Mad Men. She played Joan Halloway, an office manager who counsels and mentors other girls at an advertising agency filled with predatory, patriarchal men. The series ran until 2015 and was widely critically acclaimed. Hendricks was noted for critical acclaim and won a number of awards and nominations.

During his time on “Mad Men,” Hendricks found time to appear in a number of other projects. This included her film debut in ‘La Cucina’ and another film called ‘South of Pico’. She also appeared in four episodes of NBC’s “Life.” In 2011, she further earned critical acclaim for a supporting role in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive. That year, she appeared in a stage production of “Company” and provided vocals for the video game “Need for Speed: The Run.” In 2012, she landed a major role in the movie ‘Ginger & Rosa’.

Towards the end of her time on ‘Mad Men’, Christina appeared in films such as ‘Lost River’ and ‘Dark Places’. When “Mad Men” ended, she booked a recurring role as a prostitute on the comedy series “Another Period.” In 2016, he worked on another Nicolas Winding Refn film, The Neon Demon, before landing a recurring role on the series Hap and Leonard.

She continued in 2018 with a role in the horror film Strangers: Prey at Night, a film that received poor reviews but performed well commercially. Also in 2018, Hendricks booked recurring roles on series such as “The Romanoffs” and “Good Girls.” She ended the year by joining the cast of American Woman. In 2019, she voiced the character of Gabby Gabby in Disney/Pixar’s Toy Story 4.

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Christina Hendricks Salary: Although Christina Hendrick’s salary for “Mad Men” has fluctuated over the years, she was making a maximum of $100,000 per episode at any one time.

Personal life: In 2009, Christina Hendricks married actor Geoffrey Arend. They dated for 12 years before divorcing in 2012. They had no children together during their relationship.

Real Estate: In 2011, Hendricks and Arend bought a house in Los Feliz (near the hip and wealthy Silver Lake neighborhood) for $1.7 million. In 2016, Christina and her then-husband Geoffrey listed an 800-square-foot one-bedroom apartment in New York for $1.155 million. At the time, the pair still own their property in Los Angeles and it is assumed that they will not be spending much time living in their newly purchased apartment.

Shortly after their divorce, Christina and Geoffrey sold the property for $1.2 million, making a tiny profit margin on their initial investment. In 2020, Geoffrey paid $1.2 million for a new house in Los Angeles, leaving Christina alone in their former family home.

Body image: The body Christina Hendrick is usually at the forefront of any conversation about her, often to the chagrin of the actress. Her body type has been described as the “perfect hourglass figure” and journalists often throw around terms like “curvy” or “full figure”. One study even attributed a 10 percent increase in breast augmentation surgeries to Hendricks’ rise on “Mad Men.” Like, Christina explained that she wants people to focus on her acting talents and not her body.

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